Nicola Valley's Western Heritage

The rodeo grounds and venue were built and, for more than half a century, have been run by the Nicola Valley Rodeo Association. The grassland expanses of the Nicola Valley are home to some of British Columbia’s oldest ranches. They and five First Nations communities centred around the Merritt community form the foundation of the ranching and rodeo heritage of the Nicola Valley.
This legacy continues every year with the signature event, the Nicola Valley Pro Rodeo, on the September long weekend.
Throughout the rest of the year, the Rodeo Grounds host a wide range of events including ranch rodeos, youth rodeos, barrel racings, other equestrian events and clinics. 


Serving Our Community

Our team consists of passionate volunteers who have a desire to preserve the western culture that makes the Nicola Valley unique.

The Nicola Valley Rodeo Association is committed to preserving the ranching and rodeo heritage of the Nicola Valley.

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