Workshops & Clinics

Nicola Valley Rodeo Association is proud to host the following workshops & clinics during our 2020 season:

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    Cutting & Reined Cow Horse Clinic

    Jul 4-5, 2020
    Nicola Valley Rodeo Grounds

    From learning the basics to refining moves for continued development or competition prep, this clinic is open to all levels! 

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    Colt Starting Clinic

    Jun 14-16, 2020
    Nicola Valley Rodeo Grounds

    If you're ready to start your own colt or would like to build on your knowledge & experience with colt starting, this clinic's for you!

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    Miles Kingdon Horsemanship Workshop

    June 13, 2020
    Nicola Valley Rodeo Ground

    This workshop is about advancing your horsemanship, and learning how to prepare your horse to be more confident and relaxed, more responsive and attentive, and have a REAL connection with the rider.