Ready To Try Something New?

Tired of the same old same old?Then you need to giddy up and bring your family to the Nicola Valley Pro Rodeo.

An authentic Western cultural experience for the whole family

Did you know rodeos are the great frontier of family fun?
Fast paced and full of interesting activities, rodeos are an economical, exciting, and valuable way to spend time together as a family. Steeped in local cultural tradition and offering something for everyone, they allow you step into a western world with the tip of a cowboy hat.

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Keeping The Cowboy Culture Alive

Hosted in Merritt BC for over 60 years, the Nicola Valley Pro Rodeo is a professional rodeo that welcomes you to explore the cultures and traditions of our province in a fun and unique way.
We know you want to do something fun, entertaining, affordable, and maybe a little educational with your family this summer – great memories you’ll talk about for years to come.
The Nicola Valley Pro Rodeo is a high-calibre professional event on the Maple Leaf Circuit, and features the finest animal athletes in North America.
This means we get the best cowboys and cowgirls from across Canada and the U.S. competing at our rodeo. Proudly, we are endorsed by the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association and the American Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.

Coming To The Pro Rodeo Is Easy!

  • 1

    Buy Your Tickets

    You can either buy your tickets online or at the event.

  • 2

    Make The Trip

    Dust off your cowboy boots and hat and get ready for action-packed family fun!

  • 3

    Enjoy The Memories

    Go home with memories sure to be the highlight of your summer holidays!

A Wildly Fun and Exciting Experience You Won’t Soon Forget!

Attending The Pro Rodeo Will Make You Feel:Conscious - you’ve done something unique and fun during your summer vacationClever - a really fun event that holds educational value for your kids! Win-Win!Converted - into a quasi-rodeo expertCowboy-ish- for two days you can dress like a cowboy, act like a cowboy, have fun like a cowboyConnected - with the culture and tradition of the Nicola Valley, instead of your wifi


Now Is The Time

Don’t let another summer slip by without doing something a little unique and out of the ordinary with your family. The more we engage and recognize the western heritage and culture of our province, the more we can strengthen and preserve its roots.

The Nicola Valley Rodeo Association is committed to preserving the ranching and rodeo heritage of the Nicola Valley.

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