Colt Starting Clinic Participant Registration

June 14-16, 2020

Participant Terms & Conditions:
1. The cost of the clinic is $275.  2. Full amount is payable upon registration.  3. Due to the short lead time for this clinic, there will be no refund for cancellations, however, the participant may transfer registration to someone else subject to the approval of the Nicola Valley Rodeo Association.4. In the event the NVRA must cancel the clinic, participants will receive a full refund. 5. Participants are responsible for the safety of themselves and their horses. As participants will be entering the arena, all participants are required to submit a signed waiver of liability form & a copy of their current BC Horse Council membership prior to the commencement of the clinic. (Waivers are located below.)6. If the participant does not wish to waive liability, participation in the clinic will not be permitted. Refunds are subject to point 3 above.7. Seating inside the arena is not available so participants are encouraged to bring their own seating.8. The clinic will be held rain or shine. 9. Safety helmets are recommended for all participants, however, are MANDATORY for participants under 18 who will be mounting a horse. Additionally, participants under 18 must always have a parent or guardian present. 10. The clinicians are committed to assisting participants reach their clinic goals & progressing their horse as far as possible by the end of the clinic, however, it's important to remember that horses progress at different rates & some may not progress as quickly as others so horses may finish the clinic at different stages of training.11. All participants are responsible for bringing their own feed & water buckets/troughs, etc. for their horses for the duration of the clinic.  12. Horse pens are available & are to be cleaned daily. Pens must be left in clean condition at the end of the clinic. NVRA does NOT supply shavings.13. Recording any part of the clinic by video or audio is strictly prohibited.14. Photos may be taken for personal use only, however, are strictly prohibited from being posted on public forums or for commercial purposes without the explicit permission of the NVRA, the clinicians or other workshop participants. 
NOTE: To submit Waiver during the registration process, download the document sign then scan it or take a picture of it so it can be attached below.

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