Raising Money for Grounds Improvements

Thank you for your interest in the improvement plans for our rodeo grounds. The events held at the site have been a much enjoyed and well attended part of life in the Nicola Valley for over 50 years. Our motto is “The Real West” because this community, the businesses who call it home, the ranchers, and the family values they represent, are the real deal.
Our goal is to develop the facility into a true community venue for a greater variety of outdoor events. We have managed to secure funding from several grants but construction and maintenance costs keep rising, pushing past our originally planned budget.
Many improvements have already been completed, but several important pieces will need a little more help to reach the finish line. These include a re-modeled front entry plaza and ticket sales area, an improved beer garden and sponsor service area and several other less visible features.
For this reason we have created a Go Fund Me page. For two years during Covid restrictions, the rodeo grounds have been quiet. It is so exciting to have the Pro Rodeo and other events back in 2022. Those living in the Nicola Valley in particular, know that the last year has been a real struggle with fires and floods in addition to Covid, but it seems apparent that the things that are important to us can survive in times of hardship and come back even stronger on the other side. It’s also apparent that a lot of people see the rodeo grounds as an important part of Nicola Valley culture.
We hope that you feel that way too. Sometimes we need to do what we can to help out and in this case, it will take a few dollars more than what we have. We hope that you can see fit to donate to this worthy cause and be able to feel good about helping to preserve something important that we call “The Real West”. Click the button at the top of the page to help us build.

Below is an artists conception of the new entry plaza and beverage service/sponsor building